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North Park AYSO Phil Mages Cup FAQ’s

Q: What is the Phil Mages Cup?

A: It is our annual single elimination tournament that we play for all divisions 6U-14U.  It’s the one weekend of the year when we keep score for the 6U and 8U games.

Q: Who was Phil Mages?

A: Phil was a dedicated AYSO volunteer referee and coach who passed away in 2016.  Phil’s family are part of the NP AYSO community.

Q: Why do we play this tournament?

A: We have Morley Field permitted every weekend before Thanksgiving.  But the “official” season always ends the prior weekend. We decided it would be a shame to have the field but not use it.  

Q: How many players per side on the field?

A: U6 = 3, U8 = 5, U10 = 7, U12 = 9, U14 = 11.

Q: Goalies?

A: Except for U6, all divisions will play with a goalie.

Q: How long will each half be?

A: U6 = 10 mins; U8 = 15 mins; U10 = 15 mins; U12 = 20 mins; U14 = 25 mins.

Q: What about substitutions?

A: Substitute players at the quarters.

Q: Will there be referees?

A: The 10U+ divisions will have referees.  The 6U and 8U division coaches will referee their own games as usual.  The 8U division will have referees for the final match.

Q: Must every player who arrives on time play at least half of the game?

A: Absolutely.  We will disqualify any team that breaks this rule.

Q: Will each division use player line up cards?

A: Yes, it’s up to each coach to make enough lineup cards for every possible game his/her team will play.  You can make lineup cards by following this link:$!26+Documents/lineupcard_combined.pdf

Q: How will ties be resolved since it’s a single elimination tournament?

A: Games ending in a tie will immediately move to penalty shots.  The format will be just like standard FIFA rules: best of five (or best of 3 for U6), alternating shot.  The kickers must be chosen from the players on the field at the end of regulation. If the teams are still tied at the end of five kicks, then we move into sudden death alternating shot.  Those kicks will be taken first by the substitute players.

Since the U6 division does not use goalies, the referee will mark a spot approx. 10 yards from the goal for the kicks to the open goal.

Q: Is there a prize?

A: The League will provide medals for the winners.

Q: Now that my team is playing for a cheap piece of metal tied to a ribbon, is it okay for me to act like a total jerk on the sidelines and berate the volunteer referees?

A: No, that's never okay.

Q: Other than a medal, what else are we playing for?

A: The Area 11R Core Tournament (10U-14U only) is December 7-8 at Walnut Grove Park in San Marcos.  NP AYSO will send the top team based on the regular season point totals to that tournament from each division.  In the past, however, we have usually, but not always, been able to send at least several other teams to the Area Tournament on a wild card basis.  We will award the wild card to the team that wins the Phil Mages Cup, as long as the coach is properly trained and certified. In the event that the regular season winner also wins the Phil Mages Cup, then the other finalist will receive the wild card, if one is available.  

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