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Referees are as critical to soccer as players and coaches. In AYSO, the game can’t be played if there aren’t enough referees. It’s most common for a volunteer to begin their AYSO referee career by refereeing their own child’s game. However, as they learn the rules, develop their own techniques for managing players, coaches and fans, and gain an appreciation for how important the role of the referee is to a fun, fair and safe soccer experience, they often find it very rewarding to expand their knowledge and experience through AYSO’s advanced training and certification process. AYSO’s referee training is considered some of the best in the U.S. and includes both in-person courses in your community and online opportunities. Soccer knowledge is a plus, but is certainly not required. The AYSO referee training will give you all you need to know to have a terrific experience on the field.


Apply as a Volunteer

Log in to Blue Sombrero (

On the right side, click on the person icon, then click on Account.  Click on Volunteer (left side), then Find Volunteer Roles Enter all of the information.  Might take 10 minutes.  Good thing is, you only have to do this once, each year after, all the info is still there. The Application is complete when you click “Submit”.  It will be on the second page that looks like a form.Make a note of your AYSO volunteer ID. (It will be an 8-digit number) 

How to Apply as a Volunteer

Take the Online Course(s)

Go to  It will ask your AYSO ID and your last name.

Take the Safe Haven course. (This is probably about 45 minutes, you can even do it tonight.)

PRINT OUT the completion form for both the Safe Haven and the Referee training.  Bring it to the class.

Take the In-Person Portion of the Course

Go to and search for the Regional Referee Course and enroll.  This may be out of region training and any fees will be reimbursed with a receipt.

Bring the Printout of the final page (looks like a certificate) that shows you did Safe Haven, and one that shows you did the Ref training.

If you have any questions contact Dan Joseph, North Park AYSO Referee Administrator or Juan Delso, North Park AYSO Assistant Referee Administrator.  Both can be reached at [email protected]


How long is each game?


U-6 games shall be two (2) halves, not to exceed twenty (20) minutes each.

U-8 games shall be two (2) halves, not to exceed twenty (20) minutes each.

U-10 games shall be two (2) halves, not to exceed twenty-five (25) minutes each.

U-12 games shall be two (2) halves, not to exceed thirty (30) minutes each.

U-14 games shall be two (2) halves, not to exceed thirty-five (35) minutes each.

U-16 games shall be two (2) halves, not to exceed forty (40) minutes each.

U-19 games shall be two (2) halves, not to exceed forty-five (45) minutes each.

Half-time periods shall be a minimum of five (5) and a maximum of ten (10) minutes as designated by the referee

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