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Silent Saturday October 5-6, 2019

The weekend of October 5-6, 2019 is silent for all AYSO Regions in Section 11.  During this weekend, we ask that coaches and spectators take a break from the usual cacophony of sideline sounds and allow the players to play the game without constant coaching.  Recent studies have shown that kids are, in fact, able to play soccer without a coach or spectator yelling constant instructions at them.  

The objectives of Silent Sideline:

·         To emphasize that the game is the best teacher of the game

·         To give players the chance to trust their skills and instincts without sideline input

·         To encourage teamwork and communication on the field by the players

Coaches: Do Not provide any direction – verbal or non-verbal – to the players on the field.  Your coaching moments are before the game, half time or with the players on the bench with direction on things they could do differently when they go on the field.

U6 and Younger – These age group are still learning and still need a lot of guidance from their coaches.  So, these guidelines do not apply to these age groups.

U8 – This age group maybe have played before but still need a little guidance.  For the coaches, please try to use one or two-word directions, more positionally directions like “spread out” - “drop back” - “move up” – Do not use words like, shoot, pass and dribble.  These are the things we want them to do without direction.

U10 and Above – No Coaching at all other than before the game, at half time, or showing players on the sidelines adjustments they can make when they take the field.

Players: While on the field, players are encouraged to communicate to each other to support and provide direction to each other to improve their game play. Substitute players on the bench should communicate with their teammates on the field as well.  Learning to use your voice as a player from the sidelines is a huge tool to help their team.  IMPORTANT NOTE: This does not create a loophole for coaches telling the players what to say; this is the players watching the game and verbalizing what they are seeing to their teammates.

Spectators: We request you make NO verbal comments about the game or direct any comments to the players, referees, or coaches.  There are many ways to cheer other than verbally such as clapping, shaking a pom pom, twirling a rally towel or even get creative and make a sign with your child’s name on it.  AYSO policy does not allow for horns, whistles, or noise makers of any kind at any time.

Referees: The referee should give the coach a friendly reminder before the game and ask the coach to handle their sidelines regarding the silent sideline rules. 

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